Who we are

TexForm Structures Ltd is a subsidiary business unit of Kenya Tents Ltd, formed in 2014 specifically to design and manufacture tension membrane structures. We also undertake general structural steel fabrication.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of tents, fabric structures and related equipment in East and Central Africa. We operate from two sites, one for sales and administration and the other for production, with a staff complement of 20.


To provide customers with fabric structures to world class quality standards through the use of advanced technology. To strive to better understand our customers and improve our practices to meet their needs.

We are a vertically intergrated organization in the realization of tensile membrane structures i.e We provide architectural design,structural design ,fabrication and installation.

It is important for architects and building owners to consult with experienced planners when it comes to the design of complex support structures such as steel, cable and membrane / fabric constructions. We have a staff of experienced engineers and technicians that are ready to competently support you in both the design and execution phases of your projects.

  • Architectural design of fabric structures.
  • Structural design and analysis to code.
  • Provision of value engineering services to our clients.
  • Advanced 3D CAD modeling linked to a ‘file to factory’ fabrication strategy.
  • Knowledge of CNC production technologies i.e CNC waterjet,laser/plasma cutting & 3D printing.
  • Structural steel fabrication and processing of membrane fabrics.
  • Total Station surveys of site and as-built environment.
  • Co-ordination of the design-build process with Architects, Engineers, QS, Project Managers and clients.

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